Genialis erhält 2,3 Millionen USD, um den Software Launch 2018 vorzubereiten

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – 20.11.2017

Following months of intensive development and testing with several early-access users, bioinformatics software provider Genialis is gearing up for the public launch of its cloud-based solution for analyzing and visualizing next-generation sequencing data sometime in 2018.

Genialis, which officially opened its doors in 2013 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, recently raised $2.3 million in a seed round that it is using to finance commercialization efforts, as well as to expand the US-based operations that it started in 2016, according to company CEO Nejc Škoberne. He said in an interview that the company now has four employees in its Boston office and plans to add at least two more employees to its roster in the next several weeks including a business development manager as well as sales staff. This team will handle the company’s commercial operations in the US moving forward.

Commercialization efforts will focus on the most recent iteration of the Genialis platform which the company has been developing for the last two years. “We anticipate doing a public launch early next year,” Škoberne said. He noted that the platform is already being used by researchers in a few universities and research institutes in the US. With an expanded US-based team, Genialis should be able tap into the US market more easily and “in a more systemized way,” something which has been a challenge since most of the commercial team has hitherto been based in Europe, he said.


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