Numecent raises 15.5 Mio USD in Series B

Numecent_Logo_new VentureBeat – ‎Nov 17, 2015

Irvine, California-based software company Numecent said today it has raised a new round of $15.5 million from a broad range of European investors as the company seeks to expand its cloud-based services beyond Windows.

The series B round includes $4.5 million from Deutsche Telekom, with the rest from “European industrialists, family offices and private equity firms,” according to Numecent. Deutsche Telekom also led the company’s series A round.

“Numecent is on a good trajectory and is receiving traction from major players in the industry,” Vicente Vento, chairman of the supervisory board of Deutsche Telekom Strategic Investments in a statement. “This traction validates the view that cloudpaging is potentially transformative not only for IT, but also for emerging sectors like IoT.”

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